Ethiopian Guji - Single Origin Fair Trade

Ethiopian Guji - Single Origin Fair Trade

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Medium to light roast. Guji-2 is a fully washed coffee, grown at between 1700m - 1900m altitude. A sweet and juicy Ethiopian coffee, beautiful berry-fruit and bergamot flavours and a vanilla sweetness, rounded acidity and good creamy body We love this brewed in a Chemex or as a pour-over, but it is still lovely as a a light espresso or long black.

Choose whole beans or the following grinds: Espresso, French Press, Metal Filter, Paper Filter, Plunger, Stove Top, Turkish, Whole Beans.

A little about the Ethiopia Guji

Ethiopia Guji-2 (OCFCU) Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union (OCFCU) is a tribally based o-operative union which was established in 1999, covering all the areas where the Oromo people live. This includes many of the best known coffee growing districts in Ethiopia.

Guji is a relatively new nomenclature; the government has recently allowed farmers in the east of the Sidamo growing region to call their coffee by their own tribal label - this coffee is grown by members of the Guji-Oromi subtribe.

Check out our 'Strictly Speaking' journal post here, to learn all about how this wonderful roast has come to be. 

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