Traceable Coffee Origins: Paying the Farmers fairly for their product. 
Coffee is about more than a delicious drink or a caffeine hit, it's about creating connections. Creating connections with our suppliers and customers at every stage is what we are passionate about. From farmers who grow and pick the beans that are then dried, packaged, shipped to NZ. To our Master Roaster in Dunedin who carefully selects the green beans we buy, roasts them to perfection and carefully crafts our signature blends. Finally tp you the wonderful customer enjoying expertly made coffee by the skilled barista's at your fave cafe, or brewing up a coffee for family and friends as you connect at home.
Follow our Journey as we continue to strive to source traceable beans to roast for daily brew. Click on our products to find out more about where they come from, or pop in store to ask. We have both Fair Trade Organic as well as fully traceable blends and single origins from Coffinet and Trade Aid. It is so important that we value the producers of the coffee that we consume and through our buying power and choices as consumers help support fair pay working conditions and reward for a product that let's be honest gives so many of us so much joy when we enjoy our daily brew.
Sustainable Business practices
We are so incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful country and we believe that it is our responsibility to not just use sustainability as a nifty marketing catch-phrase but actually integrate it into the DNA of how we operate. Some of our initiatives are
- Sending our wholesale beans out in reusable buckets; Last year we saved 26,000 bags going to landfill by transitioning our Dunedin based customers to reusable buckets.
- Encouraging reuse every time both for wholesale and retail. We offer keep cup discounts that are significantly more than what we pay for the throwaway cup
- We only use eco packaging, if you must use once, then please recycle or compost! 
- Composting our coffee husks, grinds and reusing and giving away our used coffee sacks
We are not perfect and have so many more goals and plans as we continue on our sustainability journey. Watch out for our blog posts as we evolve and continue to challenge the way we do things. 
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Try our 'birthday cake' blend!

We are turning 25 and to celebrate we have crafted a limited edition 'Birthday Cake' blend! Fair Trade, Organic coffee with flavour notes of berry fruit, sweet spice and chocolate ganache.

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