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We provide all types of different coffee brewers, machinery and coffee for small-large offices, along with quality coffee to suit. If you’re looking to kit out your office with some machinery to keep your staff productivity high or even just get some coffee for the office plunger, we can help.

We proudly supply our premium fresh roasted coffee, consumables and equipment to many leading companies through Dunedin. We can sort your business out with weekly or fortnightly standing orders to ensure you’ve got the right amount of coffee to power employees through each day.

We grind each coffee order fresh to suit, if you’ve got a plunger in your office – plunger ground coffee coming right up, or if you have an espresso machine, no problem  – espresso grind it is.

Machine Rental

We can offer tailored packages for machine rental, Auto and Espresso machines, to suit various situations and budgets.

If you need a machine for a long duration or simply a short period,  we can organise the best possible soloution.

We currently supply a range of Espresso, Automatic vending, Drip/Cona and also grinders to customers across the south island.

contact us for a quote and a package, which we can craft for you.

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