Decaf Blend Coffee

Decaf Blend Coffee

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Our Decaf Blend has a strong flavour profile to create a smooth creamy espresso base without the requirement for caffeine but also a delicate easy drinking brew when crafted in a softer brew style.

Sweet caramel toffee notes on the palate with almonds and peanuts nuance. A medium style body and balanced acidity creates a creamy texture on each sip.

Our Decaf Blend has been processed by the Swiss water technique. In this unique water method, the caffeine is extracted from the coffee using a natural byproduct of sugar cane and water. This process avoids excessive temperatures seen in other decaffeination processes and leaves the coffee with an enhanced sweetness, which roasts and tastes much more like the original caffeinated coffee. It requires no chemicals and ensure the coffee retains its individual characteristics.

Choose whole beans or the following grinds: Espresso, French Press, Metal Filter, Paper Filter, Plunger, Stove Top, Turkish, Whole Beans

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