The AeroPress is an incredibly popular brew method amongst baristas and coffee enthusiasts due to its ease of use, practicality and versatility. It's delicious enough for everyday use yet compact and portable to take hiking, on a road trip or camping over the holidays.

The innovative design works by creating a vacuum through the use of an airtight sealed plunger, with pressure then being applied to force water through the grinds in order to extract the coffee. Simple instructions for what is known as the 'inverted method' are found below, but the different technique options are vast, so further recipe experimentation can be had to find your perfect end result.

 You will need: A grinder, an AeroPress, paper filters, a stirrer, a kettle, 15 grams of Strictly Coffee beans and 220mL of water.

  1. Warm the AeroPress with warm water & blind press 
  2. Boil filtered water - filtered water means tastier coffee!
  3. Grind beans to a medium-fine texture, (slightly finer than plunger) similar to table salt
  4. Assemble the AeroPress and add your freshly ground coffee into the chamber and gently level it off
  5. Pre-wet your filter with warm water - this gets rid of the papery taste and pre-warms the mug.
  6. Pour in the 220g of water, aiming to saturate all the grounds. Give the grounds a good stir and allow them to become fully wet.
  7. Attach the filter cap with paper filter to the chamber of the AeroPress and let the coffee to sit for 1 minute without touching it. 
  8. Carefully turn over your AeroPress onto a drinking vessel of your choosing and gently press down on the top of the plunger. Hold the lip of the AeroPress firmly on top of your mug with the other hand.
  9. Keep pressing until the moment you hear the hissing sound of air escaping, when all water and air has been expelled. 
  10. Remove the AeroPress from the mug and discard the filter paper  & ground coffee.
  11. Drink as is for an espresso, fill the mug with water for American style or add warm textured milk to create a flat white. Serve and enjoy!



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